Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nobody's Children - No One's Child

Seems like the snow has fucked off for a bit, at least until later tonight. Called our plow dude yesterday when things were at their worst, he said "oh yeah I'll be there in an hour!" and nothing doing, no further communication. Thank God for snow tires and a manual transmission. Here's a relatively new duo of Heath Moerland (you know, Sick Llama / Fag Tapes) and Andrew Coltrane (Hermitage Tapes) gettin all weird and wonky. Five untitled tracks on two tapes in a spraypainted TDK data cartridge case with a couple posters... sick.

This one goes out to my girl Tef who's picking up the pieces in Santiago, Chile. Glad to hear you and yours are all ok. Sorry about your grandpa's beer.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Prurient - Guide To Grooming

The snow continues and escalates. It'll be a bitch getting home from work today. Here's a rip of more classic Prurient harsh noise circa 2001. I was fortunate enough to find a brand new copy recently from an overseas distributor, still charging the original price. This rip has the B-side properly split up, as opposed to another rip floating around out there.

A1: Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy
B1: Maji
B2: Arson: Band-Aid
B3: Fire Alarm (The Language Of The Body)

Link removed. Look for monorail trespassing reissues soon.

Ryan Bloomer - Ten Elbow Strikes

It's snowing pretty heavily outside, and it looks like more of the same all weekend. Here's a little bit of noise to warm up your evenings. Twenty minutes of noise from Trauma Tone's Ryan Bloomer, alias Stegm. Two untitled tracks on Abhorrent A.D.