Thursday, July 1, 2010

Four new CDrs

Decided to move away from a "tape only" format, partially because I'm a little bit frightened to rip more after my Nakamichi ate one of my 1958-2009 cassettes, and also because it seems kind of dumb to limit oneself when there's so much good material out there to provide. Here's a recent acquisition from the High Spirits label via Amethyst Sunset, one of the best new distros around. Haven't seen these for sale (or even mentioned) anywhere else, and two of them are sold out from there already. Take your chance now to pick up the ones they still have! They're well worth it.

There's no tracklisting on any of these... just the name and title. Pretty spartan.

Outer Space - Wrecked Math
John Elliott of Emeralds and probably someone else (don't know who for this release) slingin synth like no one's business.

Steve Kenney - Smoke Dogg
The past member of Isis & Werewolves (with Dilloway), constant close collaborator with Nate Young, and all around chill motherfucker has a special surprise for you on track 3 of this release.

Radio People - The Rumor
Sam Goldberg, the Grog + Pizza man, eschews his usual somber guitar and organ work for some neat ambient abstract synthesizer.

Mark McGuire - High Above The City
The man who needs no introduction. Supposedly this is a reissue, or something, with an extra track, but who honestly knows. Mystery.