Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wagonpost part 2

WagonGneissPizza post the second is here. Mediafire can be a total bitch to upload to. I queued something like 13 uploads, and only five (for the first post) made it. But here's some more CDs to make up for it.

Oneohtrix Point Never - A Pact Between Strangers

1: The Pretender
2: A Pact Between Strangers
3: When I Get Back From New York


Steve Hauschildt - Critique Of The Beautiful

1: No Way Of Knowing
2: What One Does To Another
3: Runaway
4: Wrong Idea
5: Critique Of The Beautiful


Mark McGuire - Dream Team

1: Dream Team 1
2: Different Light
3: Dream Team 2


Mark McGuire - Guitar Meditations II

1.1: Beneath The Bells
1.2: Wandering Memory
2.1: Escape
2.2: Postcard
2.3: In The Architecture
2.4: Far Away


Nate Scheible - Hawthorne

1: Owen Warland
2: The Hill-Top Hearsed With Pines
3: Aylmer And Georgiana


Mark McGuire - Light Movement

1: The Path Lined With Colorful Stones
2: Under New-Age Skies
3: Dividing Lines
4: The Turtles And The Lizards And The Snakes And The Dragon Flies And The Field Mouse All Sat On The Riverbank


Mark McGuire - Losing Sleep

1: Through The Open Window
2: Collateral
3: Explosion Alarm
4: Searching
5: No Eye Noon Doe
6: The Marfa Lights 2 (live @ Pats In The Flats 6/24/09)


Mark McGuire - Stranger Than Paradise

1: Stranger Than Paradise


Stay tuned for more CDs and tapes coming relatively soon including some by Outer Space, Sam Goldberg, Emeralds, Head Boggle, Lilypad, and the entire Pizza Night lineup.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wagonpost part 1

First part in a double- (or potentially multi-) part of Wagon/Gneiss Things/Pizza Night megapost which is still in the process of being ripped and uploaded. Things will resume Sunday/Mondayish when I get back from Boston. Wagon and Gneiss Things, for those who don't know, are the two vanity labels associated with Emeralds, the Cleveland-based ambient/synth/krautrock/etc etc etc trio who are taking the world by storm or some such whatever. Wagon is primarily taken care of by guitarist Mark McGuire with help from synthian John Elliott, and Gneiss Things is the slightly less prolific label run by twin synthmaster Steve Hauschildt. Pizza Night is run by fellow Clevelandian (Clevelandite? Clevelandine?) Sam Goldberg who, while not being part of Emeralds, has played with them and is a solidly-entrenched part of that scene, being also responsible for the venue The Grog Shop. As you can see by the stack there's quite a bit to absorb, plus tapes coming.

Mark McGuire - Language Barrier

01: Uneasy Street
02: Mind Games
03: Ice Land Air
04: Language Barrier


Mark McGuire - Let Us Be The Way We Were

01: Let Us Be The Way We Were


Mark McGuire - Things Fall Apart

01: Things Fall Apart
02: Inside Where It's Warm


Mark McGuire - Vacation Days

01: While It Lasted
02: Vacation
03: Home Again
04: Now That It's Over


Foothills - The Sun Is Fueled By The Fossil Of Creation

A: Adolescent Wavelength
B: The Sun Is Fueled By The Fossil Of Creation


More coming when I get home plus old stuff, promise

Treetops - North

More ambient stuff I want to up before I leave for Boston in an hour.

A: Pebble
B: At The Edge Of The Sky


Marble Sky - Sway


Ambient side-project of Jeff Witscher (aka Impregnable and Secret Abuse) on Monorail Trespassing.

A: Standing Still
B: Bell Ringing Softly

(link removed: contact monorail trespassing for copies)

Treetops - Cool Runnings

The lo-est of the fi. Weird creepy yet stiflingly beautiful ambient.

01: Sheer Walls / Elemental Void
02: Creature Comforter
03: Double Reflection


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Four new CDrs

Decided to move away from a "tape only" format, partially because I'm a little bit frightened to rip more after my Nakamichi ate one of my 1958-2009 cassettes, and also because it seems kind of dumb to limit oneself when there's so much good material out there to provide. Here's a recent acquisition from the High Spirits label via Amethyst Sunset, one of the best new distros around. Haven't seen these for sale (or even mentioned) anywhere else, and two of them are sold out from there already. Take your chance now to pick up the ones they still have! They're well worth it.

There's no tracklisting on any of these... just the name and title. Pretty spartan.

Outer Space - Wrecked Math
John Elliott of Emeralds and probably someone else (don't know who for this release) slingin synth like no one's business.

Steve Kenney - Smoke Dogg
The past member of Isis & Werewolves (with Dilloway), constant close collaborator with Nate Young, and all around chill motherfucker has a special surprise for you on track 3 of this release.

Radio People - The Rumor
Sam Goldberg, the Grog + Pizza man, eschews his usual somber guitar and organ work for some neat ambient abstract synthesizer.

Mark McGuire - High Above The City
The man who needs no introduction. Supposedly this is a reissue, or something, with an extra track, but who honestly knows. Mystery.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Back again after a long hiatus. These two tapes are loving tributes to the much-maligned king of pop, produced by the heads behind the always wonderful Ekhein and Jugular Forest labels. Fantastic melancholy synth from the consistently good new-new age scene.

1958-2009 - 1958-2009

1958-2009 - II

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Noise relocated

I've been posting my noise rips at Terror Noise Audio for a bit now, and will continue doing so from now on. Any new-age, spacey drone tapes I rip will be posted here, seeing as they don't fit in over there.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nobody's Children - No One's Child

Seems like the snow has fucked off for a bit, at least until later tonight. Called our plow dude yesterday when things were at their worst, he said "oh yeah I'll be there in an hour!" and nothing doing, no further communication. Thank God for snow tires and a manual transmission. Here's a relatively new duo of Heath Moerland (you know, Sick Llama / Fag Tapes) and Andrew Coltrane (Hermitage Tapes) gettin all weird and wonky. Five untitled tracks on two tapes in a spraypainted TDK data cartridge case with a couple posters... sick.

This one goes out to my girl Tef who's picking up the pieces in Santiago, Chile. Glad to hear you and yours are all ok. Sorry about your grandpa's beer.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Prurient - Guide To Grooming

The snow continues and escalates. It'll be a bitch getting home from work today. Here's a rip of more classic Prurient harsh noise circa 2001. I was fortunate enough to find a brand new copy recently from an overseas distributor, still charging the original price. This rip has the B-side properly split up, as opposed to another rip floating around out there.

A1: Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy
B1: Maji
B2: Arson: Band-Aid
B3: Fire Alarm (The Language Of The Body)

Link removed. Look for monorail trespassing reissues soon.

Ryan Bloomer - Ten Elbow Strikes

It's snowing pretty heavily outside, and it looks like more of the same all weekend. Here's a little bit of noise to warm up your evenings. Twenty minutes of noise from Trauma Tone's Ryan Bloomer, alias Stegm. Two untitled tracks on Abhorrent A.D.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sam Goldberg - The Trip

Hoooooooly shit. Holy shit holy shit holy shit. You gotta download this. Grogshop Sam takes his synth on an incredible ride over three cassettes, meant to played simultaneously.

the trip is intended to be listened to on three separate stereo cassette players. begin with the loop playing and begin side A about one minute after. then, start side C about one minute after. as the non-loop cassettes end, flip them and play them immediately. also, feel free to try playing these cassettes in various other combinations of order, volume + speed.

Of course, you're downloading mp3s, not playing this on three cassette decks. Fortunately, getting this to sound as intended is perhaps easier on a computer. All you need is to open multiple instances of your media player like so (three will do, usually), open the mp3 files, and play them as instructed... or not. Play them however you want. It sounds absolutely amazing when done by the numbers though. 11 copies on Pizza Night.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Crosse Humiliation - A Very Young Rider

What a great tape. Greh Holger (Hive Mind, Cleanse) and Paul Gunsberg (New Pledgemaster) do some nice muted power electronics about horses or something like that. What's not to like? 77 copies on Chondritic Sound.



more new stuff coming soon hopefully including a hyper-limited Fag Tapes blitz with Sentenced To Be Quartered II, More than A Thousand Words #1, No One's Child, Polar W, Keep Away, Sick Llama / Failing Lights Remixxx, and maybe if I get around to it the Rude Boxxx.

Astronaut / 1994 split

Some awesome synth tinkling and rainy sound featuring Dan Lopatin who is of course Oneohtrix Point Never. 48 copies on Housecraft.


The Mossy Throats - Electric Swamp

Far as I know, Mossy Throats is a solo project of Dan Dlugosielski who runs the Excite Bike label out of that noise morass of Michigan. This tape, however, is on Sam Goldberg's Pizza Night from late 2008. Sounds like that reed fuckery that everyone's been so fond of recently.


Barf Thoth - Dark Speech

Heath Moerland side project on Fag Tapes circa 2006. It's kind of hard to believe this label is close to five years old now. Weird vocal samples, 77 copies I think.