Friday, September 10, 2010

Wagonpost part 1

First part in a double- (or potentially multi-) part of Wagon/Gneiss Things/Pizza Night megapost which is still in the process of being ripped and uploaded. Things will resume Sunday/Mondayish when I get back from Boston. Wagon and Gneiss Things, for those who don't know, are the two vanity labels associated with Emeralds, the Cleveland-based ambient/synth/krautrock/etc etc etc trio who are taking the world by storm or some such whatever. Wagon is primarily taken care of by guitarist Mark McGuire with help from synthian John Elliott, and Gneiss Things is the slightly less prolific label run by twin synthmaster Steve Hauschildt. Pizza Night is run by fellow Clevelandian (Clevelandite? Clevelandine?) Sam Goldberg who, while not being part of Emeralds, has played with them and is a solidly-entrenched part of that scene, being also responsible for the venue The Grog Shop. As you can see by the stack there's quite a bit to absorb, plus tapes coming.

Mark McGuire - Language Barrier

01: Uneasy Street
02: Mind Games
03: Ice Land Air
04: Language Barrier


Mark McGuire - Let Us Be The Way We Were

01: Let Us Be The Way We Were


Mark McGuire - Things Fall Apart

01: Things Fall Apart
02: Inside Where It's Warm


Mark McGuire - Vacation Days

01: While It Lasted
02: Vacation
03: Home Again
04: Now That It's Over


Foothills - The Sun Is Fueled By The Fossil Of Creation

A: Adolescent Wavelength
B: The Sun Is Fueled By The Fossil Of Creation


More coming when I get home plus old stuff, promise

Treetops - North

More ambient stuff I want to up before I leave for Boston in an hour.

A: Pebble
B: At The Edge Of The Sky


Marble Sky - Sway


Ambient side-project of Jeff Witscher (aka Impregnable and Secret Abuse) on Monorail Trespassing.

A: Standing Still
B: Bell Ringing Softly

(link removed: contact monorail trespassing for copies)

Treetops - Cool Runnings

The lo-est of the fi. Weird creepy yet stiflingly beautiful ambient.

01: Sheer Walls / Elemental Void
02: Creature Comforter
03: Double Reflection