Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wagonpost part 2

WagonGneissPizza post the second is here. Mediafire can be a total bitch to upload to. I queued something like 13 uploads, and only five (for the first post) made it. But here's some more CDs to make up for it.

Oneohtrix Point Never - A Pact Between Strangers

1: The Pretender
2: A Pact Between Strangers
3: When I Get Back From New York


Steve Hauschildt - Critique Of The Beautiful

1: No Way Of Knowing
2: What One Does To Another
3: Runaway
4: Wrong Idea
5: Critique Of The Beautiful


Mark McGuire - Dream Team

1: Dream Team 1
2: Different Light
3: Dream Team 2


Mark McGuire - Guitar Meditations II

1.1: Beneath The Bells
1.2: Wandering Memory
2.1: Escape
2.2: Postcard
2.3: In The Architecture
2.4: Far Away


Nate Scheible - Hawthorne

1: Owen Warland
2: The Hill-Top Hearsed With Pines
3: Aylmer And Georgiana


Mark McGuire - Light Movement

1: The Path Lined With Colorful Stones
2: Under New-Age Skies
3: Dividing Lines
4: The Turtles And The Lizards And The Snakes And The Dragon Flies And The Field Mouse All Sat On The Riverbank


Mark McGuire - Losing Sleep

1: Through The Open Window
2: Collateral
3: Explosion Alarm
4: Searching
5: No Eye Noon Doe
6: The Marfa Lights 2 (live @ Pats In The Flats 6/24/09)


Mark McGuire - Stranger Than Paradise

1: Stranger Than Paradise


Stay tuned for more CDs and tapes coming relatively soon including some by Outer Space, Sam Goldberg, Emeralds, Head Boggle, Lilypad, and the entire Pizza Night lineup.