Friday, December 18, 2009


This tape is a mystery. No artist mentioned, no title, no track names, just the catalog number: YOUNG#NINE. Odder still is its release being recent, around the same time as other Young Tapes such as YOUNG#EIGHTEEN and YOUNG#NINETEEN. I might merely be missing something, but I saw no announcement from Peter F. (who runs the label) mentioning this tape, and was sold out from the source when I noticed its existence. No idea what the edition might be, but all Young Tapes releases must be low runs judging from how quickly they are sold out.

Ran into some problems tagging track 1 for this release; information is properly displayed in Foobar2000, but not in Windows Explorer or dBpoweramp's ID3 tagging utility. If this matters to you, please check it out before listening.


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