Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sam Goldberg - The Trip

Hoooooooly shit. Holy shit holy shit holy shit. You gotta download this. Grogshop Sam takes his synth on an incredible ride over three cassettes, meant to played simultaneously.

the trip is intended to be listened to on three separate stereo cassette players. begin with the loop playing and begin side A about one minute after. then, start side C about one minute after. as the non-loop cassettes end, flip them and play them immediately. also, feel free to try playing these cassettes in various other combinations of order, volume + speed.

Of course, you're downloading mp3s, not playing this on three cassette decks. Fortunately, getting this to sound as intended is perhaps easier on a computer. All you need is to open multiple instances of your media player like so (three will do, usually), open the mp3 files, and play them as instructed... or not. Play them however you want. It sounds absolutely amazing when done by the numbers though. 11 copies on Pizza Night.



  1. its like you went to whoosh time in space.

  2. when i played it all together for the first time i wooshed all over my desk

  3. I'm downloading it now. I trust your judgement, so this better be good.

  4. great blog, if you have any rare secret abuse/impregnable, get em up. :)