Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wagonpost part 2

WagonGneissPizza post the second is here. Mediafire can be a total bitch to upload to. I queued something like 13 uploads, and only five (for the first post) made it. But here's some more CDs to make up for it.

Oneohtrix Point Never - A Pact Between Strangers

1: The Pretender
2: A Pact Between Strangers
3: When I Get Back From New York


Steve Hauschildt - Critique Of The Beautiful

1: No Way Of Knowing
2: What One Does To Another
3: Runaway
4: Wrong Idea
5: Critique Of The Beautiful


Mark McGuire - Dream Team

1: Dream Team 1
2: Different Light
3: Dream Team 2


Mark McGuire - Guitar Meditations II

1.1: Beneath The Bells
1.2: Wandering Memory
2.1: Escape
2.2: Postcard
2.3: In The Architecture
2.4: Far Away


Nate Scheible - Hawthorne

1: Owen Warland
2: The Hill-Top Hearsed With Pines
3: Aylmer And Georgiana


Mark McGuire - Light Movement

1: The Path Lined With Colorful Stones
2: Under New-Age Skies
3: Dividing Lines
4: The Turtles And The Lizards And The Snakes And The Dragon Flies And The Field Mouse All Sat On The Riverbank


Mark McGuire - Losing Sleep

1: Through The Open Window
2: Collateral
3: Explosion Alarm
4: Searching
5: No Eye Noon Doe
6: The Marfa Lights 2 (live @ Pats In The Flats 6/24/09)


Mark McGuire - Stranger Than Paradise

1: Stranger Than Paradise


Stay tuned for more CDs and tapes coming relatively soon including some by Outer Space, Sam Goldberg, Emeralds, Head Boggle, Lilypad, and the entire Pizza Night lineup.


  1. great post. thanks
    If you happen to have virgin spring cassette that would be cool